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COVID-19 has led to a steep decline in revenues for many businesses – yours may be among them. The intention of government constraints on business is that these are temporary measures, only to be in place long enough to allow our society to effectively handle the medical impacts of COVID-19. However, even temporary measure may have disastrous results to many businesses. Because of this, many programs have been created to assist businesses with short-term financing. These options are available to qualifying businesses now.

What programs are available to you?

Click here to speak with one of our volunteers who will walk you through your options, and will discuss important details such as: 

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Payment Options
  • Amounts Available
  • Uses For Funding


Strategies for using financing programs?

Click here to examine what best practices and strategies businesses may be using for available financing.

The Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force has partnered with a number of leading professionals and resources in our community to provide you with information and advice on whether available financing options would be a good fit for you and your business. Click or call today to schedule a time to discuss via telephone or videoconference, or to meet with someone in our Physical Support Centre.*

*Availability of the Physical Support Centre will depend on Alberta’s progress on relaxing mitigationand social distancing measures, and will be updated here as further information becomes available.

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Did You Know?

There are more than $1 billion worth of construction projects either underway or planned in the Lethbridge region over the next 5 years.