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COVID-19 has brought some nearly unprecedented challenges to how businesses operate, turning the current legal landscape in which business runs on its head. Many businesses have had to grapple with the effects of temporary closure and/or the imposition of operating restrictions – and the legal repercussions of such measures. Employee matters, supply issues, disputes with competitors, workplace safety, debt obligations, dispute resolution – all of these (and more) have legal aspects that need to be addressed. Businesses recovering from the impact of COVID-19 will face a host of legal issues they hadn’t dealt with prior to the pandemic. Your options need to be explored.

Legal Information and Guidance

Click here to speak with one of our volunteers who will discuss legal issues your business may be facing, such as:

  • Effects of Layoffs in the workplace, and how to recall employees
  • Dealing with landlords, lenders and other obligations
  • How to operate a safe and healthy work environment in light of provinvcial guidelines on reopening
  • Short and longer-term optionsfor your business' succession planning
  • Employee discomfort with returning to work
Legal needs are as varied as the businesses in our community. Know your obligations and options, and plan on the best path forward for your business.

The Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force has partnered with a number of leading professionals and resources in our community to provide you with information and advice on legal issues, news and solutions. Click or call today to schedule a time to discuss via telephone or videoconference, or to meet with someone in our Physical Support Centre.*
* Availability of the Physical Support Centre will depend on Alberta’s progress on relaxing mitigation and social distancing measures, and will be updated here as further information becomes available.
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Did You Know?

At the end of 2016, the tecconnect centre for entrepreneurship and innovation was at 90% capacity!