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One Stop Shop - Staffing Needs

COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on our workforce – locally, provincially and nationally. Most businesses have been impacted, and whether that is felt through employee unavailability, loss of skilled employees, changes to how employees approach their work environment, or otherwise, you need to address changes to your workforce. Whether you are in need of short-term or long-term employee solutions, workplace policy guidance or other staffing and workplace HR needs, this is an area where little mistakes can prove costly. Businesses recovering from the impacts of COVID-19 will have been able to address their workforce needs.

Employment/Staffing Needs and Resources

Click here to speak with one of our volunteers who will explore your staffing needs and how you can fill those without extensive disruption, such as:

  • Repalcing your critical/key employee vacancies
  • Embracing workplace polocies and how these can be a benefit to your business
  • Exploring how your labour force can be one of your biggest assets, including training and cross-training
  • Finding those employees to fill new positions as you move forward in your recovery
Most businesses rely heavily on human capital to function. Make sure that your needs are identified and a plan is in place to address this critical aspect of your business recovery.

The Lethbridge Region Economic Recovery Task Force has partnered with a number of leading professionals and resources in our community to provide you with information and advice on the complex area of employee/staffing needs and HR solutions, and how important these are for your business. Click or call today to schedule a time to discuss via telephone or videoconference, or to meet with someone in our Physical Support Centre.*
* Availability of the Physical Support Centre will depend on Alberta’s progress on relaxing mitigation and social distancing measures, and will be updated here as further information becomes available.
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Did You Know?

The CP Rail High Level Bridge is the longest and highest viaduct bridge construction in the world.